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How we work

Where, when, and how does the work get done?

Once we arrive at location, we allow a minimum of two full days for a typical shoot of a fully composed 90-second hotel video. A third or fourth day may be needed for larger or more complex destinations.

Day one (morning) on location is about preparation and walking the property with the General Manager and team, and looking at each of the areas on the shot list. We will discuss preparation for each area such as crisply ironing the bed sheets and pillows, setting rooms for Spa treatment. We will also discuss the best times for each shoot, to avoid disrupting guests, but also to film when the natural lighting is at it’s best.

Day two and three will be full days moving from area to area and capturing all the raw footage.

The editing will take place back at the Alcantelado & Rocha studios and takes up to 14 days to be ready for the first presentation. We expect edits and you are free to make as many as are needed in the next two rounds. Once approved, we then embed your video and send you the media over Dropbox or WeTransfer.

What sort of equipment do you use?

For ground video, we shoot with the Canon 5D Mark II, DSLR. This has an impressive choice of lenses, providing the freedom to soften or sharpen a background as we choose, to make interiors and guest rooms wider and more inviting, or to close in on interesting details. These cameras have revolutionized video production and our clients are stunned by the results.

For aerial cinematography we use GoPro Hero4 Black Edition camera rigs, which is the standard when it comes to aerial videography and photography. This provides full HD footage at 120fps for 1080p and 30fps for 4K. We use a Zenmuse gimbal to eliminate the possibility of vibration.

How do you deliver the media?

After all the final images are selected we usually deliver media over Dropbox or WeTransfer. We can also deliver via FTP, DVD, SD cards or whatever method is the best for the client.